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Our manual therapists are trained in assessing your pain locations and how it affects your daily life, while working towards getting you back into your regular routine as soon as possible.

Manual Therapy

At St Mary Physiotherapy in Orleans our manual therapist focus on delivering relief to structural pain in areas such as muscle tension, back pain, headaches and chronic pain. While manual therapy also has functional benefits for issues ranging from digestive discomfort, hormonal imbalance, auto-immune illness and urogenital dysfunction. It can also help with mental disruptions such as stress, trauma, anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Manual Therapy is a gentle full body, noninvasive hands-on therapy performed on a treatment table. During the session your therapist gently places their hands on different places of your body to listen and offer feedback. St Mary Physiotherapy focuses on relieving unwanted pain and stress locations throughout your body.

Manipulation Therapy is a great alternative to those who do not want drugs or surgery. Our certified manual therapists understand that chronic pain leads to an unhappy lifestyle. Both stress and pain will prevent you from properly performing everyday activities in your life. While surgery may be a treatment option, it may not be for everyone. Complications can lead to more pain and slow down your recovery process.

Manual Therapy, Find Pain Relief

If you have struggled with pain, stress or clouded mental space. Our treatment provides relief and could give you back that lifestyle you thought you lost forever. Reach out to our Orleans professionals and see what manual therapy can do for you.

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St Mary Physiotherapy Centre is committed to providing high quality services by qualified multidisciplinary team.Our mission is to keep Ottawa families healthy and active through our services.

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