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Get the most out of your golf game with our exercise routine and take the links on like never before.


Best Exercises For Golf Performance.

For golfers looking to enhance their performance and improve their swing, incorporating targeted physiotherapy exercises can be a game-changer. These exercises not only help build strength and stability but also contribute to better trunk mobility and rotational power, essential elements for a successful golf game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting to explore the sport, these physiotherapy exercises will prove valuable in honing your skills on the course. From core-focused movements to shoulder and trunk rotations, let’s explore a range of exercises tailored to benefit golfers in Orleans and beyond. Incorporate these exercises into your routine, and watch your game reach new heights! If you require physiotherapy treatment make a booking to see our team.

Hang twist

hang twist

Grip a pull up bar or the top of a squat rack with a supinated grip bilaterally. Raise the knees toward the right shoulder until thighs are parallel with the floor. Hold for 1 to 2 counts, then lower and repeat to the opposite side.

Lunge Twist

Lunge twist

While performing the classic lunge exercise, rotate your trunk toward the side of your rear leg. Return to the start position and repeat to the opposite side. A stick can be used to help balance.

Prone Twist

prone twist

Start with both feet supported on a bench and both hands positioned on the floor, shoulder width apart. Bend one knee to waist height and then rotate the trunk toward the opposite side. Hold up to 5 seconds. Switch legs and repeat to the opposite side.

Kettle Bell Squats

Kettle bell squats

Squat and rotate to grab a kettle ball positioned to the outside of your right foot. As you stand up from the squat position, rotate the kettle ball in a diagonal position across your body to above the left shoulder. Repeat this pattern to each side.