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Sports Injury & Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled at assessing how the pain affects your ability to move and will help find ways to get you moving again.

Sports Injury & Physiotherapy

Sports injury can strike any time in any game. We understand the frustration and pain that can come from sports related injuries, with that in mind we have created a number of stretches that can help relieve some pain. Ultimately we look to prevent some of those injuries from ever taking place.

  • We have targeted exercises to get you back on track
  • Personalized programs to improve mobility restrictions
  • Education to further reduce sport-related injuries
  • Get you back on track to peak athletic performance

Check out some of our customized exercise plans below to help you prevent some of those unwanted injuries from taking place.
Also remember we can take appointments for any injury that’s continue to prevent you enjoying sport and life.

Preventative Exercises
Golf Exercises

Golf stretches exercise #1: From standing position.
Step 1) Grab the top of one ankle with one hand to pull foot towards buttock until you feel a gentle stretch on front of the thigh.
Step 2) Hold the stretch keeping lower back neutral and return to initial position.

Golf stretches exercise #2: Step 1) Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms out to your sides.
Step 2) Begin to rotate your arms and trunk back and forth. Keep your arms elevated and allow your whole body to rotate.


Golf Stretch exercise #3: Step 1) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
Step 2) Hold a golf club overhead as high as possible with your hands slightly larger than shoulder width apart.
Step 3) Stretch your trunk to one side. The stretch should be felt on the opposite side.

Golf Stretch Exercise #4: Windmill exercise
Step 1) Start in a wide-legged founder position: legs slightly bent, hips pushed back and weight on your heels.
Step 2) Fold forward with your back flat and bring one arm down to the ground below your chest. Rotate your opposite arm as high as you can to create a twist. Step 3) Keep your pelvis locked in place and squared. Keep your weight on your heels with the knees slightly bent.

Golf Stretch Exercise #5: Hamstring Stretch
Step 1) Stand with your legs together with the club in front of you.
Step 2) Using the club for support, bring one leg in front with your knee straight and push your hips back to stretch the hamstrings of the front leg. Hold the position when you feel a comfortable stretch.

Runners Exercises

Running warm-up exercise #1 – Shins: Stand and lean against a tree, fence or building. On the rear leg, point the tow down to the ground and then bend the back knee. You can remain straight so allow the heel to drop inwards and outwards to feel a stretch throughout different parts of the shin. Hold for 3 seconds at a time and complete each position 10 times.

Running warm-up exercise #2 – Hip opener Stand on one leg and lift the other leg by brining your knee towards your chest. Then, rotate the moving leg out to the side and then back to the middle.

Running Warm-Up exercise #3
– Dynamic Quad stretch – Run forward and kick the heels to the butt. Try to move the opposite arm at the same time of the leg that goes back. Keep the torso upright and stand tall as you do the movement.

Running Warm-Up exercise #4– Stretching ITB: Stand and cross one leg in front of the other. Bend forward as far as possible without bending the knees. Slightly turn your body towards the side of the front leg until you feel a stretch on the exterior side of the back leg. Hold the stretch and slowly return to initial position.

Running Warm-Up exercise #5: Hamstring stretch: Lift one leg to the outstretched opposite hand while maintaining an upright posture. As you warm up, increase the speed and height of the kick, progressing up onto the toes of your standing leg. Alternate the legs.

Cycling Exercises

Spring is near & cycling is here!

Finally time to break out the bike and engage in your favourite outdoor exercise. To ensure an injury free ride, we will be posting dynamic stretch ideas throughout this week.

Cycling Warm-Up Exercise #1
Scorpions: Start prone with arms outstretched to the sides and legs straight. Squeeze the glutes and bring the toes of one leg to the opposite side, toward the hand. Keep the shoulders down.

Cycling Warm-Up Exercise #2 Lateral Lunges:
Take one step sideways and drop into a lateral lunge. Keep your foot in the same place as you change sides. Keep the heel on the ground by pushing the hips back and balancing yourself with the hands. Keep the chest up and toes pointing forward or slightly outward. The knee should be constantly aligned with the foot. (Do not round the back or shoulders.)

Cycling Warm-Up Exercise #3 Lunge steps
Start standing straight. Take a step forward and lower into a lunge with your knee over your front foot. Avoid rolling into an anterior pelvic tilt to compensate the movement—which will result in hyperextension in the lumbar spine.

Cycling Warm-Up Exercise #4:

Lateral Leg swings Either stand in front of a wall for balance or do it free standing. Swing your leg with a side to side motion starting from the hips. (Do not round the upper back.)

Tennis Exercises

Tennis Warm-Up Exercise 1:
Horizontal arm circles Stand up with your arms parallel to the floor and on each side. Make circles with your arms, keeping the elbows straight.

Tennis Warm up Exercise 2:
Twisting lunge With your feet at hip width and hands on your stomach, take a big step forward so that both knees are about 90 degrees. With the upper body vertical, rotate to the same side of your front leg. Come back to the center and to the starting position.

Tennis Warm-Up Exercise 3:
Squat & Trunk Rotation: Squat down as you raise your hands in front. In the bottom position, rotate your trunk to one side, come back to the center and rotate to the other side. Stand again and repeat. Keep your back straight as you execute the movement.

Tennis Warm-Up Exercise 4:

Mummy Walk: Stand upright and extend both arms straight in front of you. Lift your leg straight toward the hands as you take a step.

Swimming Exercises

Swimming Warm-Up Exercise 1:
Figure 8: Stand up and lift the arm in front of you as you draw an 8 with your hand by raising and lowering your arm. Keep your elbow straight. The motion should come from your shoulder.

Swimming Warm-Up Exercise 2:
Strengthening Gluteus med.: Place yourself in a four point position with hands directly under the shoulders and the knees under the hips. Slowly lift one knee to the side to 90 degrees, keeping chin-in, shoulders back and pelvis stable. Lower the knee and repeat.

Hiking Exercises

Hiking Warm-Up Exercise 1:
Ankle Circles: While standing, lift one foot off the ground so only the toes touch the floor and rotate the ankle in both directions. Repeat with the other foot.

Hiking Warm-up Exercise 2:
Shoulder circles Stand and roll shoulders backwards thinking about bringing shoulder blades together. Stand and roll shoulders forwards.

Hiking Warm-up Exercise 3:
Marching on the Spot Stand up with your feet about hip width. March on the spot, lifting your knees high. Keep the body straight/upright as you do the exercise.

Hiking Warm-up Exercise 4:
Lunges with rotation Start by standing straight. Take a step forward and lower into a lunge with your knee over your front foot. Then, turn your torso and upper body in both directions. Avoid compensating by rolling into an anterior pelvic tilt which will result in hyperextension in the lumbar spine.


Sports Exercises

The following set of posts will include various “Dynamic Stretches” that can be used as a warmup prior to participating in sports with unpredictable environments – Hockey, Soccer or Basketball.

Warm-Up Exercise 1:
Crossover Row/Reach Comfortably stand with one foot in front of the other. If the right leg is forward, then use the left hand to reach the right knee. Keep knees in proper alignment but allowing your trunk to rotate. Then stand up tall and squeeze the left shoulder blade back (simulating a row motion).

Warm-Up Exercise 2:
Supine Scorpion Start laying on back with arms outstretched to the sides and legs straight. With one leg, touch the toes on the ground on the opposite side of your body keeping the leg straight, toward the hand. Keep the shoulders on the floor.

Warm-Up Exercise 3:
Rotational Deep Lunge Adopt a deep lunge position with the rear leg stretched behind. Then, rotate the trunk toward your front leg by moving your free hand up toward the ceiling while looking at your hand. Bring your hand back down on your knee and push outward to open up the hip. Return your forearm on the floor and repeat. Keep your nice lunge position at all times.


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