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Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled at assessing how the pain affects your ability to move and will help find ways to get you moving again.

Physiotherapy Specialists

At St Mary Physiotherapy in Orleans we use our knowledge and understanding of physiotherapy as a treatment and solution for musculoskeletal problems. At your first meeting with your physiotherapist, they will conduct a consultation to find out the history of your problem and its severity. This consultation will include tests of muscle flexibility, strength and joint movement.
Once a problem has been identified, we will discuss and implement a physiotherapy treatment plan specific to your needs. We will also teach you how to help yourself get better and stay better.

Our physiotherapists at our St Mary Physiotherapy in Orleans are trained to pin point your pain locations. But why wait until you’re injured to take care of your body? Our goal is to help you strengthen your physical weaknesses to help prevent further damage. Our therapy draws upon a combination of manual manipulation and retraining the body’s own neuromuscular consciousness.

Understanding where potential injuries could affect your day to day life is where our attentions focus. Preventing injury may not sound worth while until injury strikes. If you are active and want to stay active take prevention seriously.

So that dreaded injury has struck! Recovery through our trusted treatments of manual physiotherapy show tremendous results in treating a variety of patients, from normal every day people to athletes and professional dancers. Our professionals are trained to provide you with individualized treatment that will continue to heal and align your recovery as fast as possible. Regardless of your injury, you can be sure that you will have the best quality of treatment for your problem, and the tools to help yourself get better with St Mary Physiotherapy.

Physical Maintenance
We are here to keep your body at its best through our physical therapy sessions. Balance and alignment are our core goals. Our personalised plans and exercises are constructed by our professionals to prevent you from slipping back into an injury. Utilize our expertise to keep your mind and body active the right way. You’re in good hands at St Mary Physio as we have over 40 years combined experience in preventing injury by utilizing our extensive knowledge and ongoing training.

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St Mary Physiotherapy Centre is committed to providing high quality services by qualified multidisciplinary team.Our mission is to keep Ottawa families healthy and active through our services.

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2010 Trim Rd Unit 9,
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2010 Trim Rd Unit 9,
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Registered Physiotherapist
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St. Mary Physiotherapy Centre
2010 Trim Rd unit 9, Orléans, ON K4A 0G4
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